What action should be hooked into to send events to database

I’ve read the CRUD docs multiple times, and I can get my data from the DB into the calendar fine-- however, I’m not clear on how to add / update / delete events when a user creates a new event, updates an existing event, or deletes an event.

Also, is there a way to disable events if the current user isn’t allowed to edit / delete them (like for example only the user who created the event is allowed to change or delete it)?

Hi @Tim_Kramer,

We have an example about how to add/update/delete events, update an existing event. Here you can find it: https://demo.mobiscroll.com/javascript/eventcalendar/create-read-update-delete-CRUD#

Regarding your second question, it is possible with the onEventDelete event and the onEventUpdate event. If these events return false, the update and the deletion can be prevented. The user identification requires some custom coding on your end.