weekTemplate is invisible when resolution is 'week'

Hi there,

I want to display a timeline by week and customize the week header. I’m follow this example: https://demo.mobiscroll.com/angular/timeline/hour-day-week-month-year-header-footer-template#

Here is my template

  <ng-template #eventTemplate let-data>
    <div class="md-timeline-template-event" [ngStyle]="{borderColor: data.color, background: data.color}">
      <div class="md-timeline-template-event-cont">
        <span class="mbsc-icon mbsc-font-icon mbsc-icon-{{data.original.taskType}}" [ngStyle]="{background: data.color}"></span>
        <span class="md-timeline-template-time" [ngStyle]="{color: data.color}">{{data.start}}</span>
        <span class="md-timeline-template-title">{{data.original.title}}</span>
  <ng-template #weekTemp let-day>
    <div [ngClass]="'md-date-header-week md-date-header-events-'">
      {{formatDate('MMM DD', day.startDate)}} - {{formatDate('MMM DD', day.endDate)}}

here is my ts code:

backlogCalendarOptions: MbscEventcalendarOptions = {
view: {
  timeline: {
    type: 'week',
    size: 4,
    eventList: true,
    resolution: 'week',
    weekNumbers: true


Both resource header and week header are invisible.

Please help me and point out if I did something wrong.
I’m using @mobiscroll/angular version 5.26.1


Hi @Duc_Dao :wave:

Can you clarify the Mobiscroll version that you are using?

Hi @Zsombor, currently I’m using @mobiscroll/angular version 5.26.1

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Thanks for clarifying!

However, I was not able to reproduce this behavior so, can you share a test app from which I can see the exact usage and reproduce this problem?