Want to disable blocking mousewheel / wheel event listeners


I have a problem using the popup component. (https://mobiscroll.com/component/popup)
Inside this component I have a custom list.
The list should be scrollable but, there is an element deep down in mobiscroll somewhere which has a blocking mousewheel event listener.
This is how I find it, but specific to my application

div = document.querySelector('div.mbsc-fr.mbsc-mobiscroll.mbsc-fr-bubble.kk-popup.mbsc-wdg.mbsc-fr-pointer.mbsc-no-touch.mbsc-fr-nobtn')

I want to mousescroll my custom popup list, but mobiscroll is blocking mousewheel events.

Is the blocking intended behaviour?
Is it possible to turn off?


Hi there,

Yes, this is intended behavior, applied to all modal popups, and the purpose is to block the page scroll while the popup is opened. As a side effect this will block the scroll inside the popup as well.
At the moment the solution would be to use the scrollLock setting, pass the scrollLock: false initialization option to prevent this behavior.
(In case you’re wondering if you missed it, this was just added to the docs).

I hope this helps!

Cheers! scrollLock: false solved my problem.