Visibility of the event

I trying to find property like ‘visible’ at events model because i want to show or hide some of them with my own conditions. Have you got something like that? I readed documentation and found that scheduler’s event has properties: id, title, color, tooltip, start, end, editable, recurring, resource, allDay. But what i should do to resolve the situation when i want to show some of events? In ours current realisation we add ‘visible’ property to events model and scheduler shows/hides appointment. What the solution with Mobiscroll Scheduler?

Hello @Vladislav :wave:

Can you share more context about the use case?
I’m curious how you would like to use this visibility filter?

I’m asking because we have a similar demo in which we are showing or hiding events for specific resources: - this is an Event Calendar demo, but the same is achievable with the scheduler as well. Maybe this could be helpful for you.

That’s helpful! Thank you!

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