Using different calendar systems

The date picker supports multiple calendar systems, but it seems only two additional ones (Jalali and Hijri), and it says that these additional calendars are included in language pack. Now my questions are:

  1. Where are these language packs?
  2. What if I need a different calendar system?

Also in demo page for different calendar systems I see that only name of month is localized and not the day or year. Why is that? Here is the link to demo page:

Hello @saeid.mohadjer :wave:

These calendar systems can be mainly set with the specific calendarSystem option but the locale option also sets the calendar system based on the language that you use.

At the moment we only support three calendar systems: Gregorian, Jalali, Hijri. May I ask what kind of calendar system would you like to use?

Regarding your last question: that’s right, at the moment only the month names are translated and the year, day are shown with international Arabic numbers. But I’m not sure how would you like to show those? - would you like to display ‘Mashriki’ numerals?

Hi @Zsombor,

Thanks for your answer. The calendar systems that Mobiscroll supports are enough, but the site I wish to add the calendar too should be fully localizable, that is if someone for example changes language to Persian, the year and day numbers should also be displayed in Persian numbers and not in Latin. See this page for more info:

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Hello @saeid.mohadjer :wave:

Got it, I’ll add your voice to a request.

Do you have an issue or request tracker that I can watch or subscribe to so I know when there is an update regarding this topic?

Hi @saeid.mohadjer :wave:

We don’t have a specific platform for that but, when we have any news about this requirement, I’ll let you know.

Also, until then, an alternative solution would be the following: using a custom font. Here’s an example:

After downloading it, you can use the following CSS:

@font-face {
  font-family: Persian;
  src: url(BNaznnBd.ttf);

.mbsc-scroller-wheel-item {
  font-family: 'Persian', sans-serif;