Use mobiscroll range inside an iframe

Hello I’m starting using mobiscroll range but when I put it inside an iframe the calendar gets cut out.
So I used the option context to render the calendar outside the iframe(inside the parent frame), it works, it doesn’t get cut out and it sets the date correctly. However when I try to change the month using the arrows it never stops to go forward (or backward).

I’m using the latest jquery trial version (4.5.3)
Here is a repository to reproduce the issue
Is this a well known issue or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @fabio,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m not sure I understand your use-case. Can you please help me understand why are you trying to render the range outside the iframe? Maybe some details about the context where this would be used?

Hi @gabi,

thanks for your answer, I’m using mobiscroll range to provide a widget that can be embedded by third parties using an iframe. I would create a js version of the script but there are sites built with tools(like wix) that won’t allow you placing script tags in the website

Anyway I must render the calendar outside the iframe because if I render it inside the iframe it gets cut out. If I render it outside the iframe it can adapt to the whole page.