Upgrading mobiscroll

I see the occasional email about a new version of Mobiscroll. My question is a three part question.

  1. How can I tell what version of Mobiscroll I’m currently using?

  2. What is the process for updating my version?

  3. Does my license include unlimited lifetime updates?

Hi @Vincent_Wansink :wave:

  1. You can check Mobiscroll version by typing mobiscroll.version in the dev console.
  2. Here you can find a guide about Updating to the lates Mobiscroll version: Update guide on the latest version of Mobiscroll for jQuery and jQuery Mobile
  3. Our licenses are perpetual (lifetime) and comes with one year of maintenance, including updates and new versions. After one year maintenance can be optionally renewed.

Wow. I never would’ve thought to type mobiscroll.version into the console, but that’s really cool. Thank you!

And just to clarify, are you saying updates are included only for the first year?

Yup, that’s right @Vincent_Wansink, but as I mentioned before, you can optionally renew the maintenance for future updates/new versions :wink:

So, is this no longer a thing with ver 5? (checking the version number)

I’ve defined my mobiscrolls as mobiscroll5 and mobiscroll4. So this way I can use both versions without getting confused. However, I can’t seem to figure out what version of 5 I’m using.

<!-- Mobiscroll -->
<script src="plugins/mobiscroll5/js/mobiscroll.jquery.min.js"></script>
  window.mobiscroll5 = mobiscroll;
  $.fn.mobiscroll5 = $.fn.mobiscroll;
<script src="plugins/mobiscroll4/js/mobiscroll.jquery.min.js"></script>
  window.mobiscroll4 = mobiscroll;
  $.fn.mobiscroll4 = $.fn.mobiscroll;

If I type in mobiscroll4.version in the console I get ‘4.10.9’, but if I type in mobiscroll5.version I get ‘undefined’. What’s the trick?

Hi @Vincent_Wansink :wave:

It’s Mobiscroll v5.16.2. Since you are using the download builder, you can see/ select the version from the top right corner, the Download Version section.

Also, you can find the version from the mobiscroll.jquery.min.js file by searching for the version word.

Let me know if this explains or if something is still unclear.

o.k. but it was convenient to be able to type mobiscroll.version into the console. Is there a reason you guys aren’t doing that anymore? Or is it just an oversight on this version?

If it’s necessary, you can get the v5 version with the following code:

mobiscroll.Datepicker()._v // or change the component name to anything else

This was changed due to some architectural changes in the v5, and we moved it to the component’s instance.

o.k. no problem. I really only care about the exact version number when I submit an issue on the forum, cause I know that helps you guys to track it down.