Travel times for event?

Hi community,

We are facing some challenges that I try to solve and hope you can help me.

We are using the timeline to plan our daily schedule for our Ressources. So good so for. On daily basis each resources has certain events… now our challenge: Each event from a resource has a location (like an Adress including street, city and postalcode ).

What we want to solve:

  • showing in the calendar the travel time dynamically calculated by google maps from Location A to the event address location
  • it would be easy to extend the event starting time, but then we don’t know exactly the needed / planned (1) travel time and (2) event times

Note: we know google maps may not be exact, but for planning purposes it would be absolutely enough for us to schedule our ressources

Our problem:

  • we don’t know how to deal with it as the connection feature doesn’t solve this.

Does anybody have any idea how to solve our problem???


Hello @alexander.gulentz :wave:

I’ll paste Levi’s answer since I think it should be useful for other user as well:

Sound like that could be stored as a custom field in the event model. You would run your events through the google maps api to calculate the travel time and then dynamically update the start-time of the event based on the travel time (push it back in time). You would also want to store the travel time in a custom field so that you can print it out.

Another thing that you could do is that in the event template you could add containers with a dynamic width that signify the travel time and event time, maybe with different background colors. And based on the custom field data and event duration you could set the appropriate widths.