Tooltip? Unable to match an example with any given components


The example is located here:

Hello Evgeny :wave:

Thanks for the question!
We don’t have a dedicated tooltip component at the moment, the one from the example is written using custom code and styling.
However you are welcome to check out the Popup component.
With Popup you will be able to create a content which will look like a tooltip.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Popup was my best guess. I’ve looking into it and not sure if it’s possible to achieve what I’m trying to achieve with it. I have 3 segmented button added in onMarkupReady event of a Range component. ‘tooltip’ is going to be above these buttons. Could you confirm if it’s possible.

Yes, that would be possible. You can create the popups in the onMarkupReady event as well, anchored each to the specific segmented button.
Also, don’t forget to destroy the popups in the onClose event, to prevent memory leaks.

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