Toast flickering


I was wondering if you could please provide an option for the toast component where it would not hide the current toast if a new toast was created prior to the old toast timing out.

We have a process that runs at startup that synchronizes offline data…running through all the modules. We do this in a worker thread so it runs in the background but then displays a toast for each module. This produces a flickering effect because the toast is constantly hidden and then re-displayed. If you could simply check to see if a toast is already being displayed…and then replace the text (or toast) with the new one…there would be a nice indicator that doesn’t flash if that makes sense. I don’t think it would be difficult to add this check…please let me know your thoughts

-Chris Bucher

Hi @Chris_Bucher :wave:

I would like to see the actual implementation/ code so, can you submit this question directly from the chat on our pages or by creating a support ticket from your Account–>My Support Tickets?