Timeline shows incorrect week when the start day later than the end day

We want to be able to show Saturday as the first day of the week and Friday as the last day of the week in a timeline view. We have view.timeline.startDay = 6 and view.timeline.endDay = 5 which shows the correct days of the week, but the view starts the week after the selected date instead of on the current week.

Timeline on Tuesday, Feb 21
Currently Shows: Saturday, Feb 25 - Friday, Mar 3 (next week)
Desired: Saturday, Feb 18 - Friday, Friday, Feb 24 (this week)

We have tried offsetting the selected date back by one week, but this requires a lot of custom (and somewhat iffy) logic around when to add and remove the offset. Is there a Mobiscroll supported way to show a week with the first day of the week being greater than the last day of the week?

Hello @Moriah_Close :wave:

The firstDay option should be also updated alongside the view option startDay property, in that case the timeline would display the current view by default. Example: <Eventcalendar view={view} firstDay={6} ... />

The startDay/endDay view properties are only affecting the rendering of the timeline view, and the firstDay option will affect all the background date calculations as well.