[ Timeline & Resource hierarchy ] Calendar / Page freezes on page change


We are testing mobiscroll to display events that are linked to workspaces (inside floors and inside buildings).
We are using Angular 13 and mobiscroll 5.16.0 trial.
We can reach up to a level 5 of hierarchy (building > floor > workspace > sub-workspace > seat).

Everything is displayed as it should be, but when we change page (week / month), or open a collapsed resource, the all interface freezes for some times (from 1s to 4s according to the selected view / number of resources).

Chrome also warn us : [Violation] ‘click’ handler took 4041ms (when changing month on month view)

Is there something specific to configure to avoid this freezes ?

When the view is large (lot of resources and/or lot of days/hours), the markup gets overwhelmed and rendering becomes slow.

We’re actively working on improving the performance of the timeline to work with large views as well. This involves simplifying the markup, optimizing css, and introducing scroll virtualization.

Until this is done, what you can do is to try to reduce the displayed view, e.g. show a smaller range, paginate the resources, etc.