Timeline - avoid overlapped task

How can I avoid overlapped task if I move task into same time range?

for example, if I have 2 tasks, task A for 1-2pm, task B for 3-3:30pm. Then, move task B to 1:30pm, it usually works as overlap under task A, but I don’t want it to work like that, but to put the task B after task A, so make task B’s time range set to 2-2:30pm.

how can I make it?

Hello @Weai_Cho :wave:

You can use the onEventCreate and onEventUpdate events to reject and then update the second event, additions and let the user know about it. Use the getEvents method to get the events for a given range.

Something like in this example: https://demo.mobiscroll.com/scheduler/prevent-double-booking-events - the same can achieved with the Timeline as well.