Time selection does not infinite scroll on hour/minutes like demo

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong while implementing the Angular component set to [controls]="['time']". I am using the ios theme and based on the demos, I expected the component behavior to be an infinite scroll style for the hour/minutes. Ie, when I scroll to the bottom of the hour/minute wheel, I expect it to loop back to the top and continue scrolling. However when implemented on my application, I do not see this same behavior as witnessed in the demos. My hour and minutes show a vertical scrollbar (which I don’t see in the demo) and do not loop back to 00 after scrolling down to 59 (in minutes scenario) or back to 12 after scrolling down to 11 (in hours scenario). It does seem to work when I enable touchUi, but otherwise it does not work.

I have posted a demo at https://thuy.studio of it not working for a range select and time select as well as a demo of it working with touchUi enabled.

I’m using @mobiscroll/angular 5.6.3 and have tried downgrading to 5.0.0 and still see the same behavior. Angular version 12.

Is it possible I have missed a step to get this working?

Hello Travis,

In desktop mode (when touchUi is false), we disable the infinite feature by default.
However you can set this explicitly using the circular option.