Time in Events not equal with Time on left side

Hi together,
a customer is trying our calender and they have the effect, that the time in the event didnt match with the time where the event is placed.
In the screen you see that there is an event at 17:00 but on the left side it would start at 15:00.
Another event at 12:00 has the time on the left side at 11:00.

The user uses Safari on a Mac and i use the current mobiscroll Version.
On my PC (Linux with Mozilla) and another PC (Windows with Chrome oder Mozilla) i dont see these effect when i have his database.

Any idea what it could be?

Best regards

Hello Markus :wave:

Hmm… we haven’t met such a problem yet. Is the timezone plugin used in this project?

Also, you are welcome to contact us directly from the chat on our pages or by creating a support ticket from your Account–>My Support Tickets.

Thanks for your answer,
it is not critical because the customer has now another PC and there is everything ok.
And yes, i use the timezone plugin in the project.
Is it possible that the mac has other screen settings ?
We tried it with other customers too having a mac and no one has this problem.

No worries :wink:

For the second look, this looks like a styling issue (and not timezone-related).

A few more questions:

  • can you clarify the Safari version where this issue occurred?
  • also, did you manage to reproduce the same problem on our demo page?
  • if not, I will need to see a live link or a working example (this can be shared privately in our support channels as I mentioned in my previous answer)

sorry for the late answer.
The customer bought a new PC and i can´t reproduce it.

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