The target entry-point "@mobiscroll/angular" has missing dependencies:

After installing the angular version of mobiscroll library (trial version) on the newest freshly started angular project (v9) there is following build error.

Mobiscroll package.json link
@mobiscroll/angular”: “

ERROR in The target entry-point "@mobiscroll/angular" has missing dependencies:
 - ./mobiscroll.common

Can anyone suggest solution?

Hello @Piotr :wave:

Sorry about the trouble!
We looked into this and this was a problem with only the Trial package
So we quickly fixed it :wink: Now you should be able to use the Trial version of Mobiscroll with Angular 9 without any error! Just run again the config command. Let me know how it goes :grinning:

Thank you for your support, indeed it is solved now.

I am facing the same problem in my angular project. I am also using the mobiscroll library with a trial version
Mobiscroll package.json link:
@mobiscroll/angular”: “”,

Hi Laura,

Could you please share which Angular version are you using?