Swiping with calendar & scheduler

Hello everyone,

currently we have a page, where a user can switch between three views:

  • Month: Calendar + Agenda
  • Week: Scheduler
  • Day: Scheduler

It’s not optimal that a user can switch month on the calendar by swiping left or right, but they can’t switch week/day by swiping on the scheduler.

Is there a possibility to enable swiping with the scheduler?
Or is there a possibility to disable swiping with the calendar?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Daniel,

Currently, it is not possible to disable swiping on the calendar view. However, you could use the variable row height feature of the event calendar, in this case, swipe navigation is not available. Check the “Show all labels” and “Show up to x labels” examples, which will enable the variable row height mode.

At the moment there is no swiping available for the schedule view.

There are already feature requests for both features. I’ll add this conversation and your voice to both of them. So you’ll get updates here if there are any updates.

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