Swipe when using listview inside scrollview

We have code where we have used a listview and listview-item inside an scrollview. This has worked fine until recently, but I cannot find the issue why it suddenly stops working. This enables us to swipe the listitem with actions, and also swipe to another page with the scrollview on other parts of the page. The code we have goes something like this (simplified)

	<div (touchmove)="onTouchMove($event)">	
					// content of listview-item

Before we put in the (touchmove) listener - which just stops event propagation - both the listviewitem and scrollviewitem moved when swiping the listitem. After putting this in just the listviewitem moves when swiping on the item.

Without any changes to the code but after upgrading from 4.7.2 -> 4.10.6 this does not work any more. Nothing moves.

See on attached picture where red i listviewitem and blue is scrollviewitem.

Do you have any pointers?

Hello @Arun_Deep :wave:

Yes, it really went wrong in a version release. While we don’t have a solution for this, I would be more than happy to pass this on to the development team and add your voice to it.

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Hi. Thanks for an honest reply. This will help us not waste more time on debugging here.

This is now fixed in 4.10.8, stopPropagation should work just like for versions before 4.10.4, where this behavior broke.