Styling Mobiscroll Component

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all good.
I’m using Mobiscroll with Angular framework and my company need a total control on CSS and what “graphical style”, calendar will render.
Also my company need to allow user to change type of Calendar View, they want to me to allow like “Agenda View”, “Monthly calendar view”, “Weekly Calendar View”, “Daily Calendar View” for user.

I know all mobicroll calendar component have there own “Templating Styling” section in documentation, but in my case it wasn’t enought, i need to styling all the view.

That’s why, after severals test, and solutions tried, i’ve make a solutions which work like :

I’ve created, differents Angular components, one per type of view, and i manage all CSS and rendering in the initialization of my component with selecting every element from DOM i need to change (generally by a getElementByClassName or getElementByTagName, etc…) and i apply all my CSS class which were missing to have the graphical result asked by company.

I’ve notice differents issue with that approach :
When week change, because user interaction for example, all the Mobiscroll component is reloaded completely, and all my CSS classes must be set again on differents elements.
Is there any way to prevent that ?

Also, is there any other way to solve my issue with a full customization of render ? (and not only the differents “template” sections that Mobiscroll allow and give us to manage)

Kind regards

Hello @DevForAll :wave:

Here you can find the full list with the options with which you can customize the look and feel of our components: