Still eventOrder not working with timeline Eventcalendar?

I have a following function for sorting events :

orderMyEvents(event1, event2) {
    return event1.sortOrder < event2.sortOrder ? -1 : 1;

defined for my eventcalendar to handle the order but it seems that it is not being called from the timeline version of eventcalendar.

So Still it’s not available !!!

If not then what is the temporary way to accomplish this sorting things in timeline view.


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Hello @Ghanshyam_Godhani :wave:

At the moment, the events are sorted by the event start time and events with the same start are ordered alphabetically by title . Currently it is not possible to order the events on timeline/schedule views.

The only thing which can currently affect the event order is the start time of the events. So, an alternative solution would be to add for example 1ms to the events which needs to be below the 1, 2, etc. events.

Beside that, I will pass this on to the dev team, and your voice will be added to the request, so when there will be any updates about this you’ll be notified.