Sticky weekday and daynumber in schedule header

is it possible to have the weekday and daynumber sticky in the schedule (weekly) header.
I have a lot of events for a day, this means the column of one day is too wide for being displayed on the screen and needs to be scrolled.

Thank you!

Hello @Michael2 :wave:

Can you:

  1. clarify the framework you are using?
  2. share a screenshot of your current view?

I am using vue 3. What I would like to achieve is that “Mo 1” is sticky if the column of that day exceeds the width of the screen.

Thank you!

Thanks for that @Michael2 :wink:

One more thing, could you also share your view option config?

const weekScheduleView = ref({
schedule: {
type: ‘week’,
allDay: false,
startDay: 1,
endDay: hideWeekends.value ? 5 : 0,
startTime: startTimeView.value,
endTime: endTimeView.value