Start DateTime for all day event with timezone support

In my typical dataset, an all day event would look like this:

start: '2021-08-05T00:00',
end: null,
allDay: true

Without enabling timezone, this would show correctly in a Day or Week view. However, with timezone enabled, the event would shift days (or completely disappear), depending on the timezone selected.

Is this correct behavior? If so, what should the format of my start / end time be? I’ve found that using

start: '2021-08-05T12:00',

Works in my limited test cases, but doesn’t seem correct. I think that the hour and minutes should be ignored when allDay is set to true.

Hi @Terence_Ordona,

Thanks for the question. Indeed the “all day events” behave a little bit weird when timezones are used. I created an issue for this and passed to the team to review. In the meantime, could you give me more details on how would you expect the all day events to work? What are you using the all day events for compared to the other type of events?

In your case, should they completely ignore the timezones (which means they will be an all day event in every timezone) or should they be a 24 hour event that is an all day event in only one timezone, but in other timezones it should move with the timezone offset? Also any other information or context regarding this that you can share is helpful for us to really understand the usage!

Let me know your thoughts!

Hey @Terence_Ordona!

In the latest 5.9.1 version of Mobiscroll the all day events are supported when using timezones too. If an event is denoted as allDay, it will show up for the whole day for that date regardless of the displayTimezone selected.