Single Schedule Day view has previous / next button behavior change in 5.13.x

Coming from 5.12.x and lower

Using this demo as a base for testing:

Setting the options to

schedule: {
                type: 'day',
                startDay: 1,
                endDay: 1

This gives a single schedule day view while keeping the schedule header with named day and date value.

Clicking the previous or next header buttons would change the “selected date”, by a value of 1, albeit out of rendered view. On clicking the prev/next buttons, I would then the options to modify the startDay and day to match the selectedDay, something like:

schedule: {
                type: 'day',
                startDay: 2,
                endDay: 2

and so on for each day as needed. This would give the effect of having a single schedule day zoomed in, that could be navigated previous and next.

Moving to 5.13.x code with the same test base above, clicking previous or next, jumps 7 days now instead of the expected 1 day.

Is this change in behavior expected and the future course of behavior? If so, how can get back a zoomed (single) schedule day view with header, where the previous / next header buttons work correctly?

I’ve also tried the size property, but that does not produce desired results.

Hi @Terence_Ordona,

Sorry about the trouble!

Yes, this is the expected behavior from now on. You have selected only one week day and in case of navigation the next available day will be the same day in the next week.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to set the days property to false in the schedule view object which will hide the days above the schedule grid and a text with the displayed date will appear.

  schedule: {
    type: 'day',
    days: false

Let me know if this helps!


Yes, this is helpful. Thanks.