Showing action buttons in event listing

when u select a date, it lists the events in the bottom. I have a requirement to display action buttons - edit, delete on each item… How do i customize that.

Hi @Durai :wave:

Would you be kind and share a bit more information about the use case?
Also if you can send a screenshot or mockup, that would help a lot.
Knowing more about the context we can put you into the right direction.

two requirements,

  1. display action buttons for each event ( edit, delete…)
  2. display a label “events” between calendar and the event listing in the bottom.


Thanks for sharing @Durai :+1:

  1. I can recommend to use our Add/delete and View/update demos for that, you just need to change the text to icons.

  2. You will need to use custom markups with custom CSS for achieving the Events label.

for displaying action buttons, as per your suggestion, I am able to get the buttons. But since we are using calendar: { labels:true, type: 'month' }, eventList: type: 'day', scrollable: true } the action button gets displayed in both eventList and calendar. Our requirement is to have it only in the eventList