Show Schedule from certain time but still be able to scroll?

The “startTime” for the schedule disables scrolling up before that time. Is it possible to have the schedule view default to showing that start time, but still allow scrolling up to earlier times?

LOL! I didn’t realize you literally just came out with this feature! It’s great!!

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This isn’t the solution to my issue. I was just saying I didn’t realize the startTime was a brand new feature. I still want to be able to scroll up from that time, rather than have those times disabled completely. Thanks.

Hello @heather :wave:

That’s right, sorry for the misunderstanding!

At the moment this is not supported with the Scheduler.

While it is not supported at the moment, I would be more than happy to pass this on to the product team and add your voice to it.

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That would be great. Thanks.

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Hi @heather :wave: I am jumping into the conversation for a second.

I want to make sure that I have the full picture and understand how this question arose.

Are you finding the constant “scroll to top” annoying when the page changes? I am asking because at the moment the view is scrolled to the first available hour when the day is changed but we are actually changing this behavior to not scroll at all on navigation.

Besides that if you are asking how to programmatically go to a specific hour, you can use the navigate method for that.

That wasn’t my concern, but I can see how that would be annoying and agree changing that behavior is the right way to go.

Mine is more a case of 95%+ of my events occur after 7am, however occasionally there are events that start as early as 4am. In order to have a clear view of where those 95%+ events are it’s better to start the calendar view at 7am, however I still need to be able to scroll up to see the earlier events or to add events earlier than 7am. I would think this could be a simple switch, something like allowScroll: true/false (default: false). An added bonus would be some sort of indicator that there are events not showing. Maybe just a little up arrow in the earliest time showing (7am, in my case).

Thanks. H.