Select settings.theme bug in Ionic 4

I use the Select component in Ionic 4 & angular 8 with the following settings:

mobiscroll.settings = {
theme: ‘ios’,

and even tried to put mode=“ios” on the HTML.

it works good in ios and Android 9. But in android 6 and below (even with the latest android webview & chrome version) , it doesn’t take the theme settings and looks like android theme (even though i downloaded only the ios theme ) .

also, it happens in chrome DevTools with Galaxy S5 selected. if i choose Pixel 2 for example, its working.

attached screenshot:


Hi @Adir_Azran :wave:

Thanks for sharing :+1:
As far as I know this is not a bug, but a default setting.
We disabled the 3D scroll feature in Android 6 and below, because of the performance.