Select multiple not show new selöecte


I use invalid dates from date A to date B with time. So I want disable the times 15PM - 19PM. it works, but if I selected a valid date that is not in my invalid array , then the time is still disabled and only valid from 15PM - 19PM, but this should only show in the invalid date not the valid date. If I remove selectMultiple it works, but with selectMultiple it does not work.

    mobiscroll.datepicker('#demo', {
  controls: ['calendar', 'time'],
  selectMultiple: true,
  min: new Date(),
  invalid: [
      start: '2022-07-06T15:00',
      end: '2022-07-12T19:00'
  display: 'inline'

Hi @Cenk_Kan

Currently the multiple selection is only supported in case of the date picking. When you want to pick a time as well, the multi selection is not supported. Let me know if that explains!


@Cenk_Kan What’s your use-case for multiple date-time selection?