Select Event on EventBubble

I’m usign the event calendar (trial version). When I click on ‘1 more’ the events are displayed in a bubble as expected. However I’m not able to trigger an click when I click on an Event in that Bubble.

OnEventSelect and onLableTap are both triggered when I clicked on an event directly in the calendar, but none of them are triggered when I click on the event in the bubble. Is there another event to use?

Here is the settings:

$scope.settings = {
lang: ‘en’,
theme: ‘ios’,
display: ‘inline’,
Height: 500,
view: {
calendar: {
labels: true,
popover: true
onEventSelect: function (event, inst) {
onLabelTap: function(event, inst) {


Hi Dominic,

There’s a conflict between Ionic’s and Mobiscroll’s tap event handling, and Ionic prevents the tap event inside the event popover. Until we fix this to work out of the box with Ionic, an easy workaround would be to disable Ionic tap handling on the calendar using the data-tap-disabled attribute.

<div mobiscroll-data="events" mobiscroll-eventcalendar="settings" data-tap-disabled="true"></div>

This is fixed in v4.6.1, so using the data-tap-disabled workaround is no longer necessary!