Scrollview without/stop animation

I use a scrollview to change between pages/forms at a top level and it works fine with animation.

However my first page is not always the same… e.g. when it is the first time that a user logs in it needs to show the Registration page first. In this case want to prevent the scrollview from animating and making the transition instant.

  1. I tried returning false from animation start… but not working.
  2. I tried setting the duration = 0 in the onAnimationStart event but changing properties here does not seem to have any effect.

Hi Hendrik,

Indeed, currently there’s no option or parameter to turn of the animation when scrolling to a page.
One possible solution is to disable the animation from CSS when navigating initially.


    <div id="cont" class="demo-no-anim">
        <ul id="scrollview" class="mbsc-cloak mbsc-align-center">
            <li data-id="1">1</li>
            <li data-id="2">2</li>
            <li data-id="3">3</li>
            <li data-id="4">4</li>
            <li data-id="5">5</li>


var contentView = mobiscroll.scrollview('#scrollview', {
    layout: 1,
    paging: true


setTimeout(function () {
    // Remove the css class which disables the animation


.demo-no-anim .mbsc-scv-sc {
    transition: none !important;

Let me know if this works for you!