Scrollview Left/Right arrow navigation

Is there anything in built in settings/parameters that would allow for left and right arrows either side of the scrollview content - for use with desktop when it isn’t always evident that the content is horizontally scrollable?

Hi Mark, thank you for the question!

Currently we do not have a setting for this, at the moment it can only be done with some custom code.
However since this would be really useful, I created a feature request for it and I also subscribed you to it, so when we make progress on it you will receive a note.

if i were to implement left/right arrows with custom code, is there a way i can disable the scroll-ability with mouse (i.e. to force the user to use the arrows)

Yes, you can do that with the following code:

onInit: function () {
   $(this).on('touchstart mousedown', function (ev) {
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