Scrollview/Cards Firefox Desktop sticks when dragging over image

Using firefox browser: When dragging the cards left/right in scrollview with the mouse clicked over the text areas (in the demo page above and licensed versions) the scroll works, however when dragging the cards with mouse clicked on an image, the scroll locks on the mouse and doesn’t release until clicking on the text area within the card.

Anyone else see this - is there a remedy?

Seems to work fine on chrome/edge.


Hi Mark, thanks for the heads up!

Looks like the draggable="false" attribute is not working correctly in Firefox.
I added the pointer-events:none css rule to the demo css to the image, which solves the issue:

.md-img {
    pointer-events: none;
    border-radius: 8px;

Thanks Istvan - definitely a help and points me in the right direction. Main disadvantage with this solution is that the image is no longer clickable. I need the image click to popup further info. What I do now is I add ondragstart="return false;" to the img tag and that seems to prevent the drag problem, but also allows the click to work.