Scroll up on tooltip (MbscPopup) close

I’m using Scheduler component in an Angular project. The scheduler itself is tall, so you need to scroll it. I’m using custop tooltip for displaying event details, my implementation is pretty much the same as this one from your demos.

When I hover out of the event which initiated tooltip appearence and tooltip was closed, my browser automatically scrolls up to top. I made a short video describing the problem.

Why does that scroll up occur and can such a behavior be avoided?

Best regards.

Hi Petar,

I’ve answered this question in another thread as well, because it can help others as well:

Based on the video it looks like the, popup component is causing this problem. By default on popup close the component will focus on the previously focused element, and probably this focus is casing the scroll. In your case the perviosly focused html element could be on the top of the page.

This feature can be turned off with the focusOnClose option.

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