Scroll issues with controlled component in Angular


I am using msbc-eventcalendar in Angular and want to control the selectedDate property. However, in my setup, the scroll suffers from this and is scrolling back and forth as described by this bug report.

I am using two-way-binding as recommended by the documentation, but this also applies to a setup where the property is controlled via [selectedDate]and (onSelectedDateChange) in combination.

The setup looks like this:


 <mbsc-eventcalendar [data]="myEvents" [options]="eventSettings" [(selectedDate)]="day"></mbsc-eventcalendar>


import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
import { MbscEventcalendarOptions, Notifications, MbscCalendarEvent, localeDe } from '@mobiscroll/angular';
import { HttpClient } from '@angular/common/http';

 selector: 'app-root',
 templateUrl: './app.component.html'
export class AppComponent implements OnInit {

 constructor(private http: HttpClient, private notify: Notifications) {}

 myEvents: MbscCalendarEvent[] = [];

 eventSettings: MbscEventcalendarOptions = {
     locale: localeDe,
     theme: 'ios',
     themeVariant: 'light',
     view: {
         calendar: { type: 'month' },
         agenda: { type: 'month' }
     onEventClick: (event) => {
             message: event.event.title

 ngOnInit(): void {
     this.http.jsonp<MbscCalendarEvent[]>('', 'callback').subscribe((resp: any) => {
         this.myEvents = resp;

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Joschka

The referenced bug was fix in an earlier version and I could not reproduce any problems with the code you shared. Can you make a reproduction repo and send it to use to investigate? Also, can you describe the steps we should take to get the same results?