Scheduler: show Data in Timezone

Hi, I’m in timezone ‘Europe/Berlin’ / +2 and have my data in UTC.
But the scheduler seems to ignore my timezone and just showing it in utc without shifting 2 hours, so they appear 2 hours too early for me:

I tried to set some other timezones (according to the examples: Setting timezones ), but it just displays always the same.

<mbsc-eventcalendar #myEventcalendar [selectedDate]="selectedDate" [view]="view" [data]="myEvents" groupBy="date" [options]="eventSettings" [locale]="localeAll[audit.language]" dataTimezone="utc" displayTimezone="local" [timezonePlugin]="momentPlugin">

import { momentTimezone } from '@mobiscroll/angular'; import * as moment from 'moment-timezone'; momentTimezone.moment = moment;

Oh, I’ve forgotten to import

public momentPlugin = momentTimezone;

in th TS file…