Scheduler - different datatimezone and displaytimezone causes display issue with event add/edit popup

I am having an issue when using the scheduler and using different display timezone than the data timezone. It appears the main calendar will display the event using the “displayTimezone” setting, but the add/edit popup will show the event using the “dataTimezone” setting. Is there a way to work around this?

See screenshot here to see the values…

I will add details of how to recreate the issue with screenshots in a follow up post (i can only upload one image per post).

To recreate this issue. Use the sample code from here…

Then add the luxon library and set the “dataTimezone” and “displayTimezone” settings to be different and you will see when you make new events, the main calendar displays the event you create in the “displayTimezone” setting and the add/edit popup windows display the event in the “dataTimezone” setting. The only code changes i made from the example sample code are the yellow highlighted lines.

Hi @disco,

You have to set the same timezone for the datepicker as well.

This works. The info to add the timezone to the datepicker is here.

I seem to have a different issue with datepicker and will open a different issue for that.