Schedule Calendar Timeline View with resources

Hi, we are testing the trial for the schedule calendar component in angular. I’m trying to configure the view as a timeline with resources but the documentation doesn’t help me too much. Can you provide an example on how to use the timeline view with resources?

EDIT: I found this
but doesn’t show the resources or the timeline. Is provided in the trial version, we need to test it before buy it, we are moving from another library and we don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Hi @Cesar_Smerling :wave:

I’m not sure that I understand your question here so, make sure to share more information about the problem you have.

If you want to show resources in the Timeline view, you can use the example you shared. Just click on the pink Download and try example button and then follow the instructions.

Also, in the docs you can find more information about the Timeline view.