Returning to original Day Page

I have

calendar = $(‘#employee-shifts-calendar’).mobiscroll().eventcalendar({
view: { // More info about view: Responsive event calendar documentation for various frameworks | Mobiscroll
timeline: {
type: ‘day’,
eventList: true
height: ‘auto’,
renderHeader: function () {
return ‘

’ +
’ +
‘Week’ +
‘Month’ +


It goes from Day to Week and Month ok and between Month and Year and Year and month but how can I get it to go back to the Day View please? Is there a way of clicking on the Day in the Week view so it goes to that day or at least a way of returning to the day view? Thanks

Isn’t it possible to get back to a day view from one of the other views?

Hello @Pam_Whittaker :wave:

It’s possible, as shown in this example: Timeline Day, week, work week Example | Mobiscroll.

Regarding the navigation: you can change the day/ navigation from the header by clicking on the month and year and then picking a specific date :point_down: