Refund possible if we can't install JS and CSS on our own server?


I am new on mobiscroll, I’ve bought a licence for the javascript date picker component but since I am using webflow to develop my website, I can’t host any js nor css file like jsdeliver or npm package do… I’m now left with a tool i can’t use and wanted to ask if there was first, a way to host the needed js and css files somewhere like a CDN and if not, if I could get a refund ? :frowning:

Hi @anthony_salamin :wave:

Welcome to Mobiscroll :wink:

While we don’t provide a CDN for hosting the resource files and if Webflow doesn’t support CSS/JS upload you’ll need to load the resources from a URL. That could be a different domain or a CDN.

That being said, make sure to reach out to our support staff directly. You should get all the help you need.