Recurring Events - Weekly Repeat on Day-of-Week Potential Bug

Hi MobiScroll Team,

I’m using your recurring events editor per the example at

My use case is to create a recurring weekend shutdown from Saturday at 8am until Monday at 8am.

The editor produces a recurring event like this:

       start: '2023-10-28T08:00',
        end: '2023-10-30T08:00',
        title: 'Event 1',
        resource: 'res1',
        recurring: {
            repeat: 'weekly',
            weekDays: 'SA'

An event like the above does repeat, staring on every Saturday at 8am, as expected. However, the event does not extend the full 48 hours into Monday at 8am. Instead it stops Sunday at 12 midnight.

I’ve shared a minimum complexity working example.
Please see the src/BugTest.js



Hi @Andrew1 :wave:

In this case, the correct usage would be :point_down:

start: ‘2023-10-28T08:00’,
end: ‘2023-10-30T08:00’,
title: ‘Event 1’,
resource: ‘res1’,
recurring: {
repeat: ‘weekly’
// weekDays: ‘SA’ ← you don’t need to specify the weekDays if you set the start and end as it’s above

Hi Zsomber,

I tested your suggested change to eliminate the weekdays part of the recurring rule. I’m still seeing the same problem. You can check it out on the shared github repository I shared in my earlier post.


Hi @Andrew1

Indeed, in the test app you shared the problem is still there. This is a bug in the eventcalendar component. The same event will show correctly if you use a weekly timeline view instead of a daily timeline view. I created a bug report for this and passed to the team to deal with it. They will reach out when the issue is fixed.