Recurrence event editor

HI team, I need a sample code for the recurrence editor as shown below. Oupput should be both JS Object & RRULE String as shown in your example recurring-events


Hello @Johnson :wave:

As we discussed in the other thread: we don’t have a downloadable code for that example. The demo we are talking about is actually an RRULE and recurring JS object generator. The point of it is to teach people how these rules need to be assembled in a way that Mobiscroll understands. We have a variety of demo types that either show off specific features, are more simple or complex in nature, show off specific use-cases and some demos are just there to teach about a specific topic/concept.

However since our customers were asking about the same thing that you are, we created this demo - - with downloadable code, that can serve as a starting point for building recurrence management out. If you go to the custom repeat section in the add/edit modal, you’ll see the UI in action (an adapted version of it).