Read-Only Calendar

Is there some option on the event calendar to make it read-only? I know I could trap all events triggered that change the calendar, such as add, update, delete events and prevent those, but hoping there is an option on the calendar to make life easy.

Hi Joe,

So as I understand you would like to disable event create/update/delete on the event calendar. Am I understand it correctly?

For disabling all the event interactions you can turn off the specific dragToMove, dragToResize, dragToCreate settings. If you would like to update these settings dynamically you can do that by using the setOptions method.

If you want to disable event interactions only for some specific events, then you can use the editable event object property which will disable updates for that specific event.

Let me know if this helps!

@sizili1 - That’s exactly what I ended up doing. That is, set dragToMove, dragToResize and dragToCreate to false as you suggest. Thanks. I was just being lazy and looking for a single option such as “read-only: true”. :slight_smile: