Publish an Ivy Distribution

My environment is the following:

  • Mobiscroll 5.22.3
  • Angular 15.2.0.

When serving or compiling the APP I get the following message from the Angular CLI:

Processing legacy "View Engine" libraries:
- @mobiscroll/angular [module/esm5] (
Encourage the library authors to publish an Ivy distribution.

Could it be possible to distribuite an Ivy distribution for the @mobiscroll/angular package?

View Engine was deprecated in Angular 12 and in Angular 13 the View Engine was removed.

I think it would be better if Mobiscroll also distributed an Ivy compatible package (using partial Ivy compilation mode).

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Hi @Josep_Ponsati,

Happy to announce that this was added in our latest release.

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I have downloaded version 5.24.1 package of Mobiscroll and installed it with the mobiscroll cli command.

When I try to import the MbscEventcalendarModule inside of a component, the syntax gets flagged as error saying:

Component imports must be standalone components, directives, pipes, or must be NgModules.(-992012)