Product Questions

We are evaluating the product for our tool. I have few questions - which will help us determine if it meet our needs…for context, we are using Angular in our application. We want to use google/outlook calendar as our backend to do 2 way syncs without having additional backend to store the events…

  1. Most of the angular examples and code samples i see, have lots of backend code in the component ts file. From handling events. to setting up diff options for the calendar etc - i am hoping that if we use the calendar and schedule UI components, we dont have to write all of that code and with minimal code, things will work - we only write this sort of more code when we need to customize

  2. does ur UI components, support pulling data from multiple google/outlook calendars and display all events in one place?

  3. in ur CRUD demo, I dont see UI where we can add people to the events?

  4. can the UI support creating new recurring events and have it synced with google calendar

  5. can we support “resource” when we create new events. In our case, resource will be the host of the event then we can use the schedule/resource view to see different host availability etc

thanks, please get back to us soon so we can make quick decision

Hello @Raheel_Ashraf :wave:

Please find the answers below:

  1. We are providing front-end components and the code you are seeing is the production ready minified code where you can set the options/ methods/ events in order to customize our components.

  2. Absolutely, for example: - this is an example for the Timeline view but the same is achievable for the Event Calendar as well.

  3. The fields of the CURD demo’s event creation popup is fully customizable so, basically is up to you what kind of plus functionalities/ fields are you putting in it. For example: - in this example the people/ resource section is already implemented but of course this can be customized as well and show in different ways.

  4. Without a problem, here you can find the recurring event editor demo: - and those newly created events will be synchronized into the GCal sincetwo way synch is supported.

  5. Yup, I mostly answered this question in point 3. and with a simple switching view you can easily show an event calendar and then a scheduler or timeline view together