Prevent auto scroll to top when changing date (scheduler event calendar)

When updating the selectedDate prop for EventCalendar with props including view={{ schedule: ... }}, the calendar autoscrolls to top. I assume this is default behaviour defined somewhere under the hood in the library.

I’d like to disable the scroll to top, and instead have a consistent experience where the user is scrolled to a specified event in the view using some effect / prop callback like:

onPageLoaded={() => {
  const newEventElement = document.querySelector(
  if (newEventElement) {
      block: 'center',
      inline: 'center',

Is this possible?

Hi @Han_Ke

Welcome to the Mobiscroll Forum!
I checked and the actual behavior is not scrolling to the top in the case of the scheduler. Can you share an actual example on how you set the props of the eventcalendar, so it navigates to the top for you?

Also, can you share which version of Mobiscroll and whether it’s a trial or commercial package that you you using?