Possible to focus on the "today" at 'Scheduler - Date header template'?


I have a question about MOBILE version of ‘Scheduler - Date header template’.

Is it possible to focus on today’s date when I push “today” button on the top of the page of mobile version?
Seems like it is only changed the page of scheduler without focus on the today’s date now.

Hello @1111 :wave:

At the moment it’s not possible to focus the today’s date after the Today button click. While it is not supported at the moment, I would be more than happy to pass this on to the product team and add your voice to it. If I can find any workaround for it I’ll let you know.

Hi @1111, by focusing on today’s date are you referring to scrolling it in view?

Thx Elod! I’ll look forward to that function. :slight_smile:

Hi @kovlex, I attached the PNG file that I want to asked to Mobiscroll Team.

Hi @1111 :wave:

Good news: we have shipped Mobiscroll 5.16, where we fixed the navigate function to correctly scroll to the selected date horizontally if it’s out of view.

Here you can find a guide of how you can update the Mobiscroll version to the latest: Update guide on the latest version of Mobiscroll for plain JS, jQuery, Angular, Ionic and React.

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wowwww~ thank you very much!!!:star_struck:

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