onEventCreated in eventcalendar is returning incorrect resource

Hi Team – We are using eventcalendar – timeline view for our use case. The issue, is when we click on a particular cell, for a resource id, the oneventcreated hook is getting executed. However, in the arguments, the resource id returned is of the row before the current one. This happens for all the rows except for the first row.
Also, what we notice is that, when we click from the beginning of a row to the 3/4 th part of any rows except the first row, it takes the resource id of the previous row. However, when we click on the last part of the row, that ie beyond the 3/4 th of a row, the resource id is returned properly.

Could you please advise what could be the issue here

Any help on this would be appreciated. Do let me know if any further information is required.

Hi @Nagaraj_Hiremath,

If you are using the zoom CSS property, the timeline will not work properly. This is because the zoom property is non-standard and is not recommended to use on production sites.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.