New Release: Mobiscroll 5.21 & 5.21.1 & 5.21.2

What’s New

Happy to launch weekly, monthly and yearly resolution to the timeline view along with a new notification component for React and with preparation for Vue components and a bunch of fixes.

Changing the resolution in the timeline view

The timeline is being used for planning, managing tasks, projects, jobs across many resources. All modeled with events, these can span minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years. While the timeline view supported the rendering of long ranges, even multiple years, the biggest resolution was daily.

With 5.21 we are introducing week, month and year resolutions, which make visualizing and working with events that span multiples of these possible.

The timeline.resolution property now supports hour , day , week , month and year .

Combining the resolution with the various configuration options of the page – consisting of the timeline.type and timeline.size – a large variety of views can be configured.

Timeline view with hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly resolution

Make sure to check out this demo and play around with the different configuration options.

New notification components, compatible with React 18

We’ve published new Alert, Confirm, Prompt, Toast and Snackbar components that are compatible with React 18. Before 5.21, these dynamically created UI elements were invoked through function calls. These wasn’t a very “React-like“ approach and didn’t work in React 18, but starting with this release the notification components can be used as real React components.

Preparing for Vue

We have released some architectural updates in order to support a new Vue implementation of Mobiscroll we are working on. These changes are not visible on the surface and everything should work as expected but were necessary to support the building the “Vue-way“.

What’s next

Besides the previously mentioned new Vue implementation we are working towards, more complex resource panels and footers will come to the timeline view along with more control over the row height.

Read the full blog post




  • We added component based notifications (Alert, Confirm, Prompt, Toast, Sanckbar) for React, to prevent ReactDOM.render warning in React 18.


  • We fixed the default value of the prompt input, the value option was not passed to the input.



  • We added support for weekly, monthly and yearly column resolutions.


  • We fixed the display of the colors and invalids, when the range started outside of the displayed view.


All Components


  • We fixed the trial version, which broke in 5.21.0.



  • We fixed the select filter, which broke in 5.21.0.




  • We fixed an issue where the agenda list was not refreshed after changing the view.
  • We fixed an issue where the agenda wasn’t scrollable if changed from scheduler view.



  • We fixed the calendar header which did not appear in the Angular component (broken in 5.21.0).
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the navigation buttons to work in the case of range selection when used together with the minRange option.
  • We fixed a bug that came up while switching between all-day and non all-day dates with timezones and resulted in setting the time part to an incorrect value.
  • We improved on range selection with timezones to work better with the Eventcalendar when switching between all-day and non all-day event dates.



  • We fixed an issue where the timeline columns were not always streched properly to fill the available width.
  • We fixed the display of the event resize handles in event listing mode for the Material and Windows themes.

For the full changelog please visit our release history.

PS. You will find an upgrade guide for moving from Mobiscroll 4 to Mobiscroll 5.

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