New Release: Mobiscroll 5.18.2

What’s new

In this release, we fixed various issues for the date & time picker, event calendar, scheduler, timeline and select components.


All Components


  • We fixed the updateReccurringEvent util function to handle the new recurring features.



  • We fixed an issue where the start and end input initial value was not picked up by the datepicker on initialization in the case of plain JavaScript and jQuery
  • We fixed a parsing issue when entering white space resulted in 1st January 1970 instead of empty value.
  • We fixed the type of the onActiveDateChange event. The instance parameter was missing from the type definition, which gave an error when using typescript.
  • We fixed an issue with range selection where the calendar navigated away from the start selection to the current month when minRange was more than one day.



  • We now export the MbscCalendarColor type.
  • We fixed an issue where the cell borders were not displayed consistently in variable row mode on small screens.



  • We fixed an issue where the popup was not always closed on outside click, if other popups (like tooltips) were also displayed while the popup was open.



  • We fixed an issue where the selected day was not displayed in the header in single day mode, if the resources were changed dynamically.
  • We fixed an issue where the navigation days were not displayed in single day mode, even if explicitly specified inside the view option.



  • We added the missing showInput option to the angular select component.



  • We fixed an issue where the timeline crashed with an error, if the screen width was smaller than the resource column width.
  • We fixed an issue where the timeline did not re-render correctly when the view was changed dynamically in Angular.
  • We fixed an issue where event validation against invalid ranges was not working correctly for ranges spanning across multiple days.
  • We speeded up the rendering when slots were used on large views with lot of events.
  • We fixed the drag & drop of multi-day events, when used with slots.

For release notes please visit our release history.

PS. You will find an upgrade guide for moving from Mobiscroll 4 to Mobiscroll 5