New release: Mobiscroll 5.0.4

What’s New

This release fixes AOT builds for Angular, type definition issues, Angular and Ionic Framework directive usage and contains a couple of date picker stability improvements and fixes.

Check out what changed below :point_down: and update to the latest version.


All Components


  • We fixed a bug in the trial packages that caused the AOT builds to fail in Angular 4 and 5 projects.
  • We fixed an issue related to the metadata used by Angular 4 and 5 projects, that caused AOT build errors.
  • We fixed an issue, where the import paths in the type definition files were not correct in the case of jQuery and plain JavaScript.
  • We extended the type of the setOptions methods parameter to make it accept options that are not common between different components.

Date pickers (Date & Time, Calendar, Range)


  • We fixed a bug that didn’t let the time wheel to go below the start dates time, when selecting the end date in case of range selection.
  • We fixed the disabled option, so the Datepicker won’t open when clicking on the input and the disabled option is true.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the value to be set to the ngModel, when using the datepicker as a directive in Angular and Ionic.

Event calendar


  • We fixed a bug that resulted in an error in the AOT builds of Ionic 4 apps with Angular 8.

For release notes please visit our release history.

PS. If you’re coming from v4: We have composed an upgrade guide for moving from Mobiscroll 4 to Mobiscroll 5.