New release: Mobiscroll 5.0.3

What’s New

This release comes with various bugfixes and stability improvements for the date pickers, event calendar and scheduler.

Check out what changed below👇 and update to the latest version.


Date pickers (Date & Time, Calendar, Range)


  • We fixed an issue with the labels, where the textColor property of a label did not work correctly.
  • We fixed an issue where the labels were not displayed correctly if loaded dynamically inside the onPageLoading event.
  • We fixed a bug that closed the picker before the ranges end date was selected when using the iso8601 returnFormat option.
  • We fixed a bug that cleared the whole selection when changing the time part of the start or end date using the iso8601 returnFormat option in the case of range selection.
  • We fixed our touchmove listening logic, which resulted in error in certain conditions. (#481)
  • We fixed an issue with the setVal method, that cleared half of the selection instead of setting the value correctly, when called in vanilla javascript and jQuery.
  • We adjusted the picker max width, if more than 2 months are displayed.
  • We fixed the getVal method to always take into account the returnFormat option and return the values in the specified format.
  • We added the missing export of the MbscLocale type, the type of the locale option, making it easier to customize the locales in a type-friendly way.
  • The onChange event was not triggered when the datepicker was used as directive in Angular.
  • We fixed an issue where show/hide animations were not completed correctly on Edge/Android, with the jQuery and Javascript versions.
  • We fixed the label highlight. When a label was clicked/hovered, all labels were highlighted on the calendar.
  • We improved the validation to do not allow an invalid date as initial value in case of single date selection and range selection.

Event calendar


  • We fixed an issue where the full custom rendering of the labels was not working correctly.
  • We fixed the “more” label, which was not working in Angular with dragToCreate enabled.
  • We fixed the styling of the event count labels.
  • We fixed the touch drag on single day events.
  • We improved the validation to do not allow an invalid date as initial selected date.



  • We fixed the days property for the schedule view to be able to hide the scheduler day header.

For release notes please visit our release history.

PS. If you’re coming from v4: We have composed an upgrade guide for moving from Mobiscroll 4 to Mobiscroll 5.